Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories is a survival action adventure video game being created by Irem. It is set for release this winter and while Disaster Report 3 was not localized it's unclear if Disaster Report 4 will make it stateside.

About The GameEdit

The game takes place in a big city in the year 201X. It's July, the heart of summer, and your character is visiting the city for a job interview. The city is suddenly hit with a major earthquake.

Your goal is to escape the destroyed city, finding safe paths through collapsing buildings and dealing with panicked and fleeing people.

The game will feature over 60 characters, the largest in series history. You'll need to work with these people to escape.

There are a few new features Irem highlights for Disaster Report 4:

  • You can enter collapsed buildings, within which you'll find survivors and additional escape routes.
  • You'll find new items, including crutches for when your legs are injured.
  • The game has a new "cleanliness" parameter for your character. If your character gets too dirty, your stress will rise. To increase your cleanliness parameter, you need to...
  • Use the toilet!. This is a new facility for Disaster Report 4. You can use the toilet to increase your cleanliness parameter

You're free to customize your character. At the start of the game, you can set gender, face style, and hair style. As you work through the game, you'll earn over 100 clothing items, including suits and casual outfits.

Disaster Report 4 will be available on the PS3, and Famitsu's information box list's that Disaster Report 4 will be in 3D, will be compatable with Move and 5.1 support for the game.



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